Fresno Fiber Optic Cabling

Fresno Fiber Optic Cabling

Discover 3 Reasons To Use Fiber Optics

In recent years, fiber optic cables have been replacing the more bulky copper wiring systems that were the standard. Fiber optic cables are make from glass, but a very specialized type of glass. The glass is extremely transparent. The glass tubing is coated with plastic on the outside, which transforms the tube into a perfect mirror. Using lasers, data can be transmitted through these types of cables very quickly and efficiently, by reflecting the lasers on the mirrors. San Francisco fiber optic cabling can provide San Francisco business with several advantages through fiber optics.

  • San Francisco fiber optics are less expensive. Although there may be more cost, initially, the fiber optic system is much less expensive to use than the traditional copper wiring. There are less power requirements for the San Francisco fiber cabling systems. Less power expended means less cost and a more green way to conduct business. San Francisco fiber optics allow a higher capacity of data to be transmitted at once. This also helps to reduce costs for the business.
  • San Francisco fiber cabling operates with digital signals. Most technology of the modern world operates on digital signals. San Francisco businesses that use fiber optics can rest assured that their data is already being transmitted digitally. There is no translation necessary to communicate with other modern digital systems. This helps to provide a higher quality experience and speeds up the transmission of data.
  • San Francisco fiber optic cabling provides an unparalleled level of security. On one level, the data is more secure from the eyes of others. Because of the nature of the fiber optic cabling, it is almost impossible to penetrate and intercept the signal. This can bring a sigh of relief to businesses who depend on the security of their transmissions.

    On a second level, fiber optic cabling means that the integrity of data is secure. Data is transmitted through the fiber optic cables with less loss of data than other wiring systems. The fiber optic signal is not distorted by other signals that travel through the air. The data arrives at the receiving end, still intact. This means that businesses can rest assured that the integrity of their data is safely transmitted through the fiber optic system.

If you have a business in the San Francisco area, trust us to provide your business with the advantages of fiber optic cabling. Let us help to transform your business into the world of tomorrow.