Fiber Optic Cabling Installation Orange County

Fiber optics is the perfect mode of transmission for large areas like Orange County. The conduits and cable ways are choked with copper cabling and more and more services are demanded by both commercial and residential customers. It’s past time to consider Orange County fiber optics.

A multitude of problems starting with those choked cable ways and conduit can be resolved using Orange County fiber optic cabling:

• Fiber is far smaller than copper cabling of the same capacity. Pull out some copper, have a Orange County fiber cabling company pull in some fiber and suddenly, there is more space in the conduit for other buildings to be connected to fiber.

• Size isn’t the only way that Orange County fiber optic cabling helps with the overcrowding problem. Each fiber, the size of a human hair, can carry more than a thousand times more information than a cable containing 256 pairs of copper wires. The copper cable would be several inches in diameter. This is related to the concept of bandwidth or the information capacity of the wire or fiber. The new Orange County fiber optics also are higher speed due to the bandwidth allowing high tech services to reach all areas of the city

• Another issue that fiber optics eliminates is interference between cables particularly apparent in those crowded ducts and cable pathways in Orange County. Copper cables require shielding to prevent the electromagnetic energy which is for example your telephone call from “leaking” to the neighboring cable and vice versa. This causes noisy phone calls, noisy cable television, and slower internet service.

So enter , Orange County fiber optic cabling — faster, no electromagnetic interference, smaller — and can be installed by a number of qualified companies in the Orange County area. And the cabling networks within the city itself are not the only areas where fiber optics is or can be used. Sports broadcasting is now relying more and more on strong, lightweight fiber optic cable to deploy along playing fields for televised events. Where else? Orange County fiber cabling is used for other special events, such as major concerts, and other events, including Michael Jackson’s funeral. It is readily available, can be installed quickly by fewer technicians. Something changes, the lightweight cabling is easy to move, reel it up, take it to the new venue, deploy it again.
Orange County fiber optics isn’t just the wave of the future; it’s the here and now.